HALLOWEEN on Coin ‘n Carry!

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We are running a simple but fun event October 25 through November 12, 2012 on Coin ‘n Carry.

All mini-games are unlocked (except the two quiz games). Enjoy!

Nightly Drawing: 5 Medallions to a random person from the Top 10 of a random leaderboard. The more leaderboards you are in the top 10 of every night, the more chances you have to win!

Nightly Lotto Entries: Earn lotto entries for every Top 100 leaderboard you make for that day. 10 points for reaching 1-10, 9 points for 11-20, down to 1 point for 91-100. You earn points for every single top 100 leaderboard your name appears on each day!

End of Month Lotto. Based on the lotto entries earned there will be a drawing on November 13 for the following prizes:

  • 10 Rare Pumpkin Pokkas (see above picture!)
  • 1 Complete Gear Set of your choice for 1 month.
  • 1 Complete Decor set of your choice.
  • 10 bundles of 10 Medallions
  • 5 Golden Item Bundles (1 golden axe, 1 golden lantern, 1 golden anvil)

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